About Us - Kiss & Glitter

Sitting in a tent turned dressing room on the third of five nights in a festival Germany I fully uncovered the depths of my love of Glitter. My best friend turned to me, after over half an hour of carefully and silently applying all the shimmer, shine and sparkle we had, and said in all seriousness 'I think we need MORE glitter!' 

How right she was and Kiss & Glitter has been founded on this exact principle, that too much Glitter is no where near enough and that there is never a bad time to be absolutely covered in the stuff!

After a few years of being an avid user of this magical crystal confetti I decided to take the matter into my own hands and create Kiss & Glitter so that no one I know would ever go without Glitter again. 

We pick the best colours and materials for our chunky glitter matching trends and styles across the world and hand mix it here in the UK to make the most amazing and high impact combinations for our beautiful Kiss & Glitter pots to help make you look instantly incredible.

There seems to be endless uses, styles, reasons and excuses for a bit of instant sparkle and we absolutely love to hear and see all about them. So tag us in a pick, send us a message or sign up to our emails to keep in touch and receive offers and FREE Glitter whenever we can find an excuse to give it away, because everyone needs MORE Glitter!!!