Eco Refills

Did you know there is more plastic in a pot containing glitter than there is in all the glitter inside it! So to make sure we are doing our part to look after this wonderful world of ours, while still enjoying the wonders of festival glitters we have introduced our Eco-Refill scheme. 

Simply return your empty pots to the address below with a note letting us know your name, email and how many pots you have sent back, and we will give you  25p credit per pot for you to spend on brand new products. 

We have also made sure that all our postage and packaging is fully recyclable and even the glitter itself can be. So if you aren't ready to return your pots please make sure you recycle all our packaging and to recycle the glitter just remove it using a face wipe and shake it gently into the recycle bin. Then you can have guilt free glitter forever!!

Return Address

Kiss & Glitter
Flat 3, Laye House,
57 Blairderry Road
Streatham Hill, 

Thanks Everyone