Product photo without packaging: 15x large 30gram pots of Kiss & Glitter chunky festival glitter mixes by Kiss & Glitter

Professional Chunky Festival Glitter Set

Kiss and Glitter

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30g pots of our unique chunky glitters at professional discount prices for setting up your very own Glitter Bar, Stall or Event.

This start up pack features 15x 30g pots of glitter, one of each of our signature mixes. At £300 this is a discount of £150 from original sales price. If you would like a tailor made starter pack to your requirements, more, less, different mixes etc please email and we can arrange a bespoke kit and price just for you. 

Once you have purchased your start up pack we will do individual top up pots for you anytime you need to make sure you always have all the glitters you need.

Delivery for these packs are arranged on purchase as we order the larger pots to your requirements and package and send the glitter when these have been received. 

How to Apply Kiss & Glitter Chunky Glitter

Our chunky festival glitter is easily applied on the skin with a little face balm or cosmetic glue, in hair using a drop of hair gel, or even on nails by pressing it onto the polish just before the clear topcoat but as with all cosmetics, irritation can occur so always perform a patch test prior to use and always read the safety instructions.


•Apply a thin layer of cosmetic glue or balm & allow to go tacky. Apply glitter by pressing on with finger tips.

•Remove simply with soap & water, taking care not to scrub too hard


•Apply hair gel before sprinkling the glitter on. For best results set with hair spray. Remove with shampoo and water.


•Either take to your nail artists who will know what to do or apply by pressing on to nails after the base coat and before the top coat.

Product Information

•Kiss & Glitter can be used on face, hair, body and nails

•All our Glitters are manufactured in China and mixed and packed in the UK.

•All glitters made from PET Plastic, which is considered a safe material to be used on the body as defined by General product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC

•Our Glitters are vegan friendly and cruelty free

Please recycle our product and packaging where possible

Safety Information

•Must be used with a cosmetic balm/glue/hair gel or nail lacquer as an adhesive

•Not to be ingested or used by unsupervised children

•Not to be used too close to the eye

•Can cause irritation and abrasion. Always patch test prior to use. If irritation persists seek medical advice

•If product enters eye, wash immediately with water and if irritation persists seek medical advice

•Kiss & Glitter cannot accept any liability for use other than advised. 

Glitter on my lovelies

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